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We believe that developing people in network and security technology
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Routing & Switching

Routing & switching is the foundation of every IP infrastructure. We develop the architecture, perfect the design and work hard on integrations. Both for companies with small branches and multi-tier data centers with 24/7 business-critical applications

Wireless & Access

Having wireless networking as the primary office network comes with new requirements regarding capacity, working safely with mobile equipment, BYOD or a guest network. Routz employees are specialized in these business-critical infrastructures


IT Security develops at a flying pace! Routz performs scans and knows both the attacking and defending side of the coin, which guarantees the safety of our clients

Unified Communications

Routz’ Unified Communications specialists make sure that communication within large organizations like banks and governmental institutions runs flawlessly. With full integration of all forms of (IP) communication

DC Automation & Orchestration

Routz has a leading position when it comes to data center networking innovations, SDN and converged infrastructures. Our clients appreciate our down-to-earth outlook and independent view on the dynamic field of Storage and Data Centers.

Network Operations

A network that is always available: there is no network problem that we cannot solve. The Routz Network Operations specialists ensure continuity and availability on the agreed-upon level.

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